Roberto Carlos Kraemer
Roberto Carlos Kraemer
  • June 1, 1961 - July 13, 2017
  • Raleigh, North Carolina

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Roberto was born on June 1,1961 to Carmen Gomez-Hernndez and Carlos Kraemer-Badal in Santiago, Chile. He was the eldest child and leaves his younger sister, Patricia Mery-Kraemer, Ivan Mery, Cristian and Caro Kraemer, Jessica Kraemer, Martin , and nephew, Ian Mery and niece, Luisa -Mery.

Roberto achieved his degree in electrical engineering and information technology in Santiago but soon realized that the potential of the Internet and computers was going to change the world. He was driven by his love of technology to come to the United States on a student visa in 1996. Roberto arrived in Los Angeles carrying all the money he had in the world. He had liquidated every asset he owned and was determined to learn English by taking familiar computer classes and ESL at night. He worked as a maid, parked cars, dug ditches for a landscaper and did whatever he could to make money under the table to pay for food and rent.

In 1987, Roberto was trying to open a bank account in Santa Barbara where he had moved to live with a host family that assisted foreign students. The branch manager did not speak Spanish and contacted the only person she knew that was bilingual who was interning at a near-by hospital, Nancy Kuntz. Nancy translated for Roberto and at the end of the day, he offered to take the branch manager and Nancy out for Happy hour. Nancy translated for many months between an American group of women(including the branch manager and her friends) and a Latino group of men (of which Roberto was one), buying time until her internship in Occupational therapy would be complete and she would return to Massachusetts. Then one weekend the two groups decided to go to San Francisco but Nancy had to work at the hospital, and Roberto was too broke to go. They ended up going out to a movie, alone for the first time and Nancy realized what an interesting person Roberto was. Here was a person who gave up everything to come to a country where he did not speak the language, had no friends or family and had such confidence and faith in himself that he was constantly pushing for the next objective. Here was a person as committed and hard working as she was.

In 1988, Nancy and Roberto were married. They had 3 wonderful children, Nicole Rene (25), Alexis Wilson (22) and Patrick Charles (19). They worked hard as a couple but always maintained a sense of humor despite the ups and downs of life. Roberto learned English, became a US citizen, and worked his was up the professional ladder. For over 29 years, Nancy and Roberto gardened together, cooked together and shared their professional successes and frustrations. They were partners. And this remained true, even when Roberto was diagnosed with gastric cancer in 2016 and started chemotherapy. They shared the trips to the Duke Cancer Center together and spent the treatment time talking, reminiscing, and supporting each other. Roberto passed on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at home by Nancy's side. He fought for every second tenaciously hoping to stay just a little longer with the people who meant so much to him.

As a final request, Roberto asked Nancy to host a Celebration of Life party. He picked the DJ, the music, the food, the venue and wanted everyone to come to reminisce, support each other and enjoy the moment.

This party will be July 22nd at the Kraemer home: 3700 Tree Side Ct, Raleigh, NC, 27607, from 5:00-9:00 pm

Friends and family are all welcome
Hope to see you there